If you are looking for a special mix other than one of our pre-designed mixes, we can work with you to design a seed mix customized to your site conditions and preferences. Our design work is free of charge.  The mix can be designed to fit your per acre budget beginning at $120 per acre subject to seed availability.  There is a $300 minimum for custom mixes.

At Prairie Legacy, we design many mixes each year with the many different goals of our clients in mind. Let us help you design a mix to meet your needs. 

Seed Mixes

Seed Mixes

Mesic Seed Mix


Seed Mixes

Shady Lane Seed Mix

Part Shade

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CRP Mixes

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CP25 – Restoration of Rare and Declining Habitat – Tallgrass Prairie

CP33 – Habitat Buffer for Upland Birds

CP42 – Native Habitat Development for Pollinators