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Bulk seed vs Pure Live Seed (PLS)

When purchasing seed, a seed mix, or plants, do not assume that all the plant ...

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Changing the Conversation about Prairie
March 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Tallgrass prairie is the most imperiled ecosystem on our continent, and worldwide is second only to the rainforest in scarcity.

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Native Plant Specialists

At Prairie Legacy Inc., our mission is to provide high quality botanical surveys and products for your restoration goals, as well as native plants for restoration and landscaping needs. We provide botanical inventories and positive identification of native plant species for landowners, government agencies, contractors, and plant industry professionals. We contract and grow locally collected seed specifically for your restoration project.

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At Witt’s End

The descendants of a German settler are beginning to restore a nearly 150-year-old home on a family farm along the Swan Creek.

Michael and Christina Witt settled the land in 1861 and built the fakwerkbau,” or “half-timbered house” in 1868. The house was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places in November of 1979 and was noted as the only house of its type in Nebraska.

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Bulk seed vs Pure Live Seed (PLS)

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Fragaria virginiana – wild strawberry

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Helenium flexuosum – Purple sneezeweed

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Allium canandense var. lavendulare – Prairie Wild Onion

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Carex bushii – Bush’s sedge

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Asclepias spp. – Milkweeds

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Oenothera serrulata (syn. Calylophus serrulatus) – yellow sundrops

Nebraska Native Plant of the Week

Aquilegia canadensis – Columbine

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Helenium flexuosum

Purple top Sneezeweed


Veronicastrum virginicum

Culver's Root


Vernonia baldwinii

Western Ironweed


Verbena stricta

Hoary Vervain