Bring in the mix specified by your county NRCS office

We work with you and your NRCS office to provide the best available mix at the best available price.

Professional Biologists

 Our team of plant biologists are dedicated to  providing botanical services that promote environmental health and eco-friendly living. We provide botanical ecological analysis as well as native plants and seed.

Seed Mixes  –  Native Grass and Wildflower

CRP – Pollinator  – Wildlife  – Habitat  – Grassland enhancement

Designed to meet State and Federal habitat goals.

We custom build seed mixes to meet even the most diverse seeding needs.

We carry over 200 native plant species

 Getting it Planted

If you don’t want to plant it yourself, we have recommendations for installers in your area with the expertise needed for planting.  We will mix the seed and if needed we also sell rice hulls for filler.

About our seed   Native, local, expertly cleaned and drill ready

We provide first generation seed grown in Nebraska.  Planting species that are not native to your area can reduce habitat quality for local pollinators and other grassland dependent species.  Our seed meets State and Federal mileage distance requirements.


Mixes are individually customized based on Seed availability and NRCS specifications, so pricing will vary.  We can beat the price of most competitors.  If you have a retailer you like to work with, send them our way, we also sell wholesale.


We also provide trees, shrubs and perennial plants and seed for your landscaping needs