Using Barley in a pond

Barley Straw Bales

Grown without the use of pesticides and kept inside

Barley straw is often applied to ponds and lagoons for help with pond clarification and for odor control in livestock operations.

The photo shows the straw placed into christmas tree wrap with empty milk jugs used as floating devices.  Any type of netted material will work for your straw.  Make sure the straw is located in the upper 6 to 8 inches of the pond.  The straw will soak up the water and eventually sink to the bottom without floatation devices of some sort.  We now use pvc pipe rectangles with netting at the bottom to keep our straw afloat.  These devices are much easier to refill when the time comes.

Helpful Links

If you are considering using barley in your pond, these fact sheets may be helpful.




NF00-429 Controlling Pond Algae with Barley Straw


Barley Straw in Farming Operations



Bales are approximately 40 lbs each and sell for $10.00 each.  We box and ship bales via USPS.  Shipping costs will exceed the cost of the bale

Delivery of single bales or orders of 20 or more bales is free to designated locations in Lincoln, NE.

Also available, Christmas tree wrap for $0.25 per foot.

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